My name is Dénes Erdős, I am a photojournalist based in Budapest, Hungary. 

After graduating as a photographer from the Illyés Art Academy in 2014, I began working as a freelancer assigned by several mediums in Hungary and started serving as a photographer for Budapest’s greatest concert hall, the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, a role I proudly hold since. From 2019 I've been working for one of the country's national dailies; Népszava for four years, and in 2023 I joined The Associated Press as a freelancer.

I am also the co-founder and curator of BPSPC, a street photography collective in Budapest.

Open to new ideas, always available for assignments!

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2024, 1st prize in Documentary Photography Series category at the 42nd Hungarian Press Photo Contest

2023, Joined The Associated Press as a freelancer

2023, Attend VII Academy’s Southeastern and Eastern Europe Lvl 2 Course

2022, Photographed and edited the book Nagykörút, written by Judit N. Kósa

2022, 2nd prize in News Singles category at the 40th Hungarian Press Photo Contest

2022, Szalay Zoltán Prize for the best photojournalist under 30 at the 40th Hungarian Press Photo Contest

2021, 2nd prize in Reportage category at the 39th Hungarian Press Photo Contest 

2021, Participated in VII Academy's Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Seminar

2021, Finalist for the Hemző Károly Award

2020, Debut exhibition and screening with BPSPC in Budapest

2020, Published in Fotobook Monthly's #06 issue

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